Want to go see Zombies of Mass Destruction for free TONIGHT?

Courtesy of the Gay / Lesbian Film festival I have a bunch of tickets to hand out to folks that want to go see the 10:00pm showing of this movie, all you have to do is show up and ask me for them!

HOW: I'll be at Ono Sushi tonight from about 7:00 till about 9:15 hanging out, getting my snack and drink on, and giving out tickets to the event.

WHERE: You can find information on Ono Sushi HERE

WHEN: You can get tickets from me from about 7:00 - 9:15, I'll be sitting at the bar, and probably be the only person wearing a Zombie Defense Network military jacket drinking a Jack Daniels.  I'll leave for the theater at about 9:15.

Hope to see you there, and you can message me on twitter @kworkman if you have any questions etc.

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